Program specifically designed for new immigrant women entrepreneurs

Research conducted by TIES shows that there is a gap in serving new immigrant women entrepreneurs with more advanced training and support methodologies that account for their unique situations in the community. It also indicates the lack of programs with more cultural awareness and sensitivity towards making new business support solutions more approachable and relatable. These provide each woman with a better business opportunity to achieve success.

NIWBE addresses the main gaps entrepreneur immigrant women face when it comes to opening a business. Inspiring women, especially new immigrant women, requires different kinds of methodologies and training programs that are sensitive to their unique identity. The NIWBE program training modules will implement all the criteria to enable women to use their unique identity and develop business ventures that speak to the needs of their community. How immigrant women view their own sense of worth is also tied into their confidence to take on entrepreneurship roles. These unique traits are powerful tools to deliver value to others and to differentiate their businesses in this complex world.

Our Program Management

Robert Toth

Robert Toth is an experienced business development professional with over 20 years of work in the marketing and communications field with companies in agriculture, insurance, homebuilding, and not-for-profit. He is also a first-generation Canadian with cultural roots in Hungary. Robert’s immigrant story of leaving the former Yugoslavia with his family and only two suitcases, drives his passion for elevating the work that The Immigrant Education Society does in the community, helping newcomers establish roots and find a purpose in Canada. Robert has a passion for elevating the work of women entrepreneurs, supporting their goals and helping them achieve success and fulfillment. Robert is also focused on giving back to the broader community of Calgary through his volunteer work as the Chair of the Board for Antyx Community Arts and as the Vice-Chair for the Calgary Fetal Alcohol Network.

Contact Information:

E-mail: roberttoth@immigrant-education.ca

Our Program Facilitator

Vivian Escorsin

Vivian Escorsin is an entrepreneur, an entrepreneurship facilitator and mentor, and a business advisor. She has a background in journalism, marketing, business administration, entrepreneurship, and innovation, with experience in Brazil, New Zealand, and Canada.

As a multipotentialite and lifelong learner, she is always learning something new and sharing her discoveries. With the NIWBE Program, she is proud to have participated as an entrepreneur in Cohort 1, as a speaker in Cohort 2, and became the program's facilitator in Cohort 3. Her passion for supporting immigrant women becoming entrepreneurs comes from seeing the difference they can make in their own lives, their families' lives, and the communities around them, once they allow themselves to flourish and thrive.

Contact information:

Email: niwbe@immigrant-education.ca