Mentors & Coaches

Colleen Stewart

Founder Perfect Pitch Consulting Group

Early in my career I put an audience member to sleep during a business presentation. He snored for 15 minutes and woke up during the polite applause at the end. Determined to never let that happen again, I started studying great presenters to learn their secret. It turned out, I already knew their secret. I’ve been writing stories since I was eight years old when I made copies of my first book, tied them together with bits of red yarn, and passed them out to the neighbours. I spent four years in Carleton University’s journalism school learning how to transform often boring information into a captivating story. While story might be the new buzzword, Perfect Pitch has been perfecting storytelling consulting and programs since 2012. Our work has gone beyond presentations to touch every type of business communication. Working with clients like Bayer, Enbridge, KPMG, Abbott Labs, and Avon, we help our clients master our most powerful and uniquely human communication tool: storytelling. If you need to move investors, customers, or colleagues, let an expert storyteller show you how it’s done. Let Perfect Pitch uncover your unique story and teach you the art of telling it. Colleen is the author of The Story Compass: Navigating Through Uncertainty in Your Business, now available on Amazon. Colleen has been a coach for the past three NIWBE cohorts. Her website is

Paloma Navarro

Program Manager, RWEIT

Paloma has over 20 years of recorded success in North and South America working with entrepreneurs and participating in multiple organizational and community economic development projects/ programs from the design to implementation of initiatives to enhance the development and wellbeing of individuals, businesses and communities. Paloma is originally from Chile and has a Bachelor Degree in Business Administration, a Master in Computer Arts & Communications, and a Diploma in Implementation of Quality Management Systems. Being fluent in both English and Spanish has enabled her to expand her support for entrepreneurs and organizations. With experience working with the private, public and non-profit sector she has demonstrated her ability in practical and analytical skills such us: strategic planning, monitoring and evaluation, research methods, needs assessments, business advisory, workshops facilitation, project management, networking and partnership strengthening, programs funding & development, marketing and social media. Paloma is equipped to address and coach individuals and teams capturing the best of people to make stronger, substantial changes and improvements, manage complex situations, and create simple and customized solutions according to the organizational or business goals. In her journey to date she has embraced several ventures like tourism operator, restaurant owner and management consulting & training endeavors, experiences that have helped her to understand and be on the client side. Having worked as an Economic Development Officer in rural Alberta, as Self-employment Program Lead Facilitator at Momentum Calgary, and as a Client coordinator in the Women Entrepreneurs in STEM in Southern Alberta Paloma has developed a passion working with entrepreneurs helping and supporting them to succeed.

Donna Neumann

CEO, Co-founder

About I work with complex human situations and systems, and help organizations and individuals successfully navigate that complexity. I have more than two decades of experience resolving issues and finding solutions in tough situations. I deeply enjoy this work. Specifically, I've worked as a neutral third party in countless high-stakes negotiations between parties with conflicting interests. I work for clarity, common ground, and strong channels of communication. I use consultation, facilitation, and mediation in every aspect of my work to reduce distance between parties. My successes are based on diplomacy, calm confidence in the process, patience and courtesy, and a sense of humour. Good solutions may require difficult conversations. My approach is to respect the people involved and create a space where everyone is willing to discuss options, understand other points of view, and expand perspectives. I find that when approaches and outcomes are inclusive, timely, and practical, they are likely to last. Developing skills in restorative justice and sharing circles have been recent compelling interests of mine. I have been a mentor for you people in business for many years and now also work with a indigenous youth.

Rose Simard-Bachand

Principal at CAIM Collaborative Resolutions

Are you looking to get divorced and don’t want to pay crazy lawyer fees? Do you want your divorce to be as smooth as possible? Are you sick of fighting and want to come up with solutions that benefit BOTH you and your Ex? Is your separation/divorce having and effect on your kids? Is your behaviour with your Ex having a profound affect on them? Ending a marriage can be tough. But, it doesn’t have to be. If you’re looking for a personalized process that will be benefit all parties, I have the solution. I absolutely love helping people figure out the best outcomes for themselves, even in the darkest times. I have created a unique process, customized to you, that includes not only financial analysis, mediation and legal facilitation... but the heart and emotions as well. Some divorce mediation practices offer just that – a means to an end. But, I offer something more. We work through your reactions to the ending of your marriage, what you want and need during the divorce process including conflict resolution around finances and children. And, I help you define what you want your life to be like once you are on your own. My goal is to help you move through this hard time with peace of mind, maintain control and realize that you can be happy even after a divorce. We want to see you succeed in your new life, as you discover new opportunities for growth, throughout all of life's events.

Gail Evans

President of Eversele Holdings

Gail has officially retired from leading the Wynford Group Total Rewards Consultants for over 30 years, and from her recent role as VP at Morneau Shepell (now Lifeworks), to spend more time golfing and travelling. Gail founded The Wynford Group 30 years ago and is recognized as an expert in compensation and total rewards consulting across many industries. She initiated Wynford's Canadian Salary Surveys over 24 years ago and is renowned as an expert and speaker on total rewards market trends. Now, she is using her extensive business development, marketing and management experience to support business through developing business strategies into actions that improve performance, business growth and employee engagement. She is also interested in continuing to apply her great depth of knowledge and experience in Executive Compensation at the Board of Directors level. Specialties: Total Reward Strategies, Executive & Incentive Compensation, Performance Accountability, HR Infrastructure, Human Capital Metrics, Business Development and Marketing Strategies,

Esther Kamunya

Associate Partner at Eau Claire Partners Inc.

I have been working for families and small business owners to help them visualize short, medium and long term financial goals. I work together with them to put in place strategic and deliberate financial plan to help them get there. We monitor and evaluate the plan annually to make sure we are on the right track. Planing ranges from insurance planning and risk management, debt management, savings and investments, education planning, retirement and estate planning. Its such a fun thing to do. I look forward to helping so many other families to build a road map towards financial freedom.

Jan Eden

Founder of Think Differently and Founder of Bumble Bees Venture Capital

Jan Eden, Think Differently Expert Jan leads clients in how to ‘Think Differently’ in identifying and transforming executive, leadership and professional uniqueness into revenue generating intellectual property and expertise. Specializing in career transition, executive advancement, executive succession, professional re-invention, sales, and business development. Since the mid-nighties, Jan has been studying and speaking about global disruption and change. The results of her studies realized the need to develop a 21st Century Executive Mindset. Jan is the Past President, Association of Corporate Growth (ACG) Calgary Chapter and a Founder of Bumble Bees Venture Capital.

Wendy Ryman

Purveyor of Wilder's Consignment House

Dynamic and proactive leader and sales professional with demonstrated skills in operational leadership through strategic planning and development. Specialties: Leadership, sales, marketing, decision making, strategic planning, cost control, budgeting, relationship building, employee performance coaching, mentoring, public speaking.

Dr. Nompumelelo Real Kunene

Human Rights Analyst, Award Winning Author, Publisher, Mentor, Life and Business Coach, Corporate Travel Consultant, eMCee, Certified Les Brown Speaker, Commissioner for Oaths, Medical Aesthetician

Dr. Nompumelelo Real Kunene is an International Human Rights Policy Analyst, who consult on policies and procedures related to human rights compliance. She is a highly sought after energetic certified Les Brown International speaker. This passionate leader holds a Ph.D with a discipline in Leadership and Business. Dr. Real N. Kunene is the author and host to Rise to Greater Heights, a book and YouTube channel to turn your fears into greater success while seizing new opportunities. She is also a coach, mentor and an eMCee, well known for encouraging many to rise from mediocrity into greatness. Her vision is not only to motivate but also to empower audiences with a fresh perspective inspiration they require to pursue success and drive sustainable outcomes, in a seriously funny way. Dr. Kunene is an Award Winning Author, 10x Number 1 Amazon and International bestselling author. Her #1 bestselling book “Rise to Greater Heights” has inspired and empowered many to pursue their personal and professional passion to become go-getters. As a trainer, Diplomacy Protocol Officer, and Strategist, Real believes that we are in full control of our choices! Her mission is to meet the needs and transform lives of her clients and her audience. She is also a true advocate for creating new policies, that uphold human rights and prevent human rights violations. Dr. Kunene’s purpose is to teach everyone about human rights and help organizations understand and promote human rights. Her goal is to: study your current situation, Identify limiting beliefs, then Design a plan of inspired action to empower you to achieve specific outcomes in your life. This change-maker, trailblazer and revolutionary is pushing boundaries and creating a real change worldwide. Like a Phoenix that never accepted defeat and rose from its own ashes, she wants to challenge you to unleash your greatness and Rise to greater heights. Dr. Real N. Kunene wears many hats, as a professional Certified SALES MANAGER, CEO, Certified travel counsellor, Publisher, Medical Aesthetician, Philanthropist, and a commissioner for oaths, following her dreams gave her purpose to see her goals through and understand that she does have everything she needs to reach her full potential. Her everyday message is that, your journey to be a better person starts with you, so knowing who you are to your core will make you understand that you are the only one who can accomplish your dreams. Hebrews 11, Psalms 27 and 40, keeps her to rise to greater heights. “The sky is no longer the limit but now THE SKY is our point of view, so let’s ALL RISE TO GREATER HEIGHTS.”

Nicki Chang-Powless

Principal Business Strategist NCP Consulting and Author

📧 📞 403-771-9998 🌐 Time and money are limited. Many business owners are frustrated when they are unsure whether they are doing the right things to move their business forward. They are overwhelmed, and they don't have systems in place to get consistent results. They work hard and are not seeing results to help them make more profit. I solve this. As the author of “Putting the Pieces Together: Your Survival Guide to the First Five Years in Business,” I support small business owners to be on the fast track to success. After 23 years of working in the corporate world, I decided to start a new chapter in my life. When people started asking me for help with their business, I quickly realized that my corporate experience was not common knowledge for small business owners. When I found that over 50% of businesses don’t make it to 5 years, it became my mission to improve these numbers. NCP programs will help the Business Owner: ✅ Discover how to reduce the time it takes to sell their product or service ✅ Unlock the secret to know where to spend their precious time, money and energy to get the best results ✅ Create an easy step-by-step roadmap to improve your profit To accelerate your results, sign up for a complimentary Breakthrough Business Strategy Session. Use Coupon Code = LinkedIn so you don’t get charged.

Elsa Kelly

Co-Founder & Co-CEO of Vixure

Passionate about corporate culture, diversity and inclusion, entrepreneur, senior consultant and project leader with 15+ years of experience in technology, specializing in digital tools and strategies. I love technology, mainly because of all the opportunities and alternatives it gives people to follow their professional and personal dreams. I've collaborated with different organizations to find the best way to bring more opportunities to talented people and mainly worked to empower women in tech. I've had the honour to be a speaker at summits, seminars and workshops in Mexico and Canada, talking to entrepreneurs, executives and students that seek to thrive in their paths. In 2006, I co-founded ADWEB Solutions, a digital consulting firm focused on E-Commerce and Data-driven Marketing, helping hundreds of companies become more competitive using data, analytics and digital transformation. In 2021 Zigatta acquired ADWEB Solutions Mexico. I joined Zigatta Management Team as VP of Marketing and Strategy, in charge of the company's global recognition and led the internal program to help children and youth called Zigatta Cares. Now, as co-founder & co-CEO at Vixure, we are creating a purpose-driven digital future, transforming the talent and culture of Alberta tech companies.